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I owned my first 35mm SLR Minolta camera during military service in South Korea in 1962-63. documenting experiences with Amerasian orphans, shooting a moonlit time-exposure of a mountain in winter on the border of the DMZ and many photos while on R&R in Japan and Hong Kong. Upon returning to civilian life, I owned my first Beseler enlarger, developing and printing black and white pictures. Once married, many pictures were taken of our two sons, Mark and Chris, and my wife, Billie Ruth . I have documented her 25 year career as a basket maker, including one on the homepage of her web site. Her teaching basketry at Penland School in 1993 made it possible for me to study documentary photography with Asheville photographer, Ralph Burns. After moving to Mitchell County, N.C. in 1994, I continued my photography including some exhibiting, competitions and placing work in a few area galleries.  I now own a Canon EOS Elan 35mm SLR and one digital camera: Canon EOS 50D. 

While this statement is a brief chronology of my life with cameras and pictures, it conveys the meaning throughout my life of interest in all that is around me, viewed and captured through the lens of a camera, and my enjoyment and pursuit of the infinite possibilities of photography. It is fascinating to hear people describe what they see in images.

I have very few photos of myself with a camera (oxymoron?). There must be a better way to say that. But this is a special photo, because it was made by the late Pam Trivette, mother of my good friend, Chad Trivette, who is a cross country runner. A few years ago, upon Pam's diagnosis with breast cancer, Chad ran from Spruce Pine to Bakersville @ 11miles, raising $3,000, most of which helped initiate a cancer resource area at, then, Spruce Pine Community Hospital. Today (2013) that hospital,now Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, has an excellent cancer resource center, thanks to Chad's vision and commitment.                                                          This particular day Chad was again running from Spruce Pine to Bakersville and I was waiting with my 300mm telephoto lens, camera attached to a monopod, to document Chad's run, standing elevated above Highway 226 in front of Ace hardware store. Pam was also following Chad by car, also photographing and made this shot.




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